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We are skilled, trained and licensed professionals in translation, proofreading and interpreting, as well as other complementary qualifications, with extensive experience and capabilities for language translation and spelling and style proofreading
Apart from our in-house staff, Torsitrad also has an extensive network of collaborators who assist us in covering nearly all the languages ​​and services that we offer.

Our language services:


The expertise and professionalism of our team of translators guarantee perfect written communication in any language and on any subject. Translating texts and documents is our specialty.

Translation service


Interpreting is the activity of linguistic mediation to convey oral speech. Our role is to convey the message of the original speech. Our function is to make the message of the original speech arrive correctly and be understood perfectly.

Interpreting service


The task of the proofreader is to ensure that the text is completely correct, which means understanding it well so that it is done correctly. We do document and texts proofreading in the format in which the text is sent.

Proofreading service


Transcription consists of copying or writing what is written in old documents or audio into a digital format.

We also offer transliteration service through audios and/or videos.

Transcription service
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