We are translators, proofreaders, interpreters and transcribers

We are a translation, proofreading, interpreting and transcription company

Torsitrad was founded in 1999 as a translation company, and has established itself as a dynamic company comprised of several expert professionals, trained and licensed in translation, interpreting and philology as well as other additional qualifications. The company has extensive experience and abilities to translate to/from multiple languages as well as spelling and style proofreading..

Apart from our in-house staff, Torsitrad also has an extensive network of collaborators who assist us in covering nearly all the languages ​​and services that we offer..


Our values:

We are an interdisciplinary organisation this is founded on teamwork and interactive communication that seeks solutions to the specific needs of each client.

We have extensive experience in translating and proofreading all kinds of documents, as well as professional interpreting services with native speakers for each language.

We work to facilitate more fluid and rapid communication between clients and suppliers, thus removing language as a barrier.

The increasingly inescapable use of the Internet and new technologies, as well as the resulting globalisation and continuous flow of information have resulted in a constant need to communicate. Thus, the task of linguists is increasingly essential for ensuring quality texts and translators who can reproduce the information with maximum guarantees.

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